About Us

About Us


The Orlando StarFlyer is part of the Slingshot Group of Companies who have been operating Funtime amusement rides in Florida since 2000 and Funtime have been manufacturers and operators of high thrill amusement attractions for over 25 years. Funtime design, engineer, manufacture, install and operate and have built and installed over 130 attractions in over 25 countries on every continent around the world. The Funtime attractions are built in Austria, meet all German TUV inspection standards and have been present in the US since when the Old Town Slingshot was installed in Kissimmee in 2001. All of Funtime’s unique high thrill amusement rides are invented by the Group’s founders and are US Patented.

The concept

The Orlando StarFlyer concept began in 2012 when Funtime had a mobile StarFlyer located next to the London Eye during the London Olympics. It was obvious during this time there was a great synergy between the two attractions.

In 2015 when the Orlando Eye was being developed the Funtime Group approached the developer Unicorp and proposed that they build the world’s tallest swing ride, the 450’ StarFlyer next to the Eye. Working together for the next 2 ½ years Funtime and Unicorp have brought you Orlando’s 2 tallest attractions, together on International Drive.

The build

The StarFlyer arrived from Austria in 28 40 foot shipping containers and required 1000 tons of steel, 6000 feet of steel cables, 8000 feet of electrical cables, 110,000 bolts and was all built on site.

The foundation required 1400 cubic yards of concrete (140 trucks), 75 tons of steel, is 88 feet in diameter and the concrete was poured continuously for 8 hours from midnight until 8am to avoid the heat and traffic.

The ride

The Orlando StarFlyer is the world’s tallest stand-alone swing ride attraction standing 450 feet high. It has 24 seats (12 x 2 seats), has no age limit, has no weight limit (you must be able to fit the seat safely and fasten the seat belt/lap belt properly), and the minimum height for the ride is 44 inches which makes this a unique attraction that appeals to the young and old and the adventurous and not so adventurous. A family friendly high thrill experience.

Guests are seated in a double seat next to their friend or partner or family member, the seat is deep walled and fitted with double seat belts that include an “in between the leg harness” that can only be unlocked by the operator. The ride the travels up and down and around the giant tower and can operate in winds up to 45mph.

No other attraction combines safety and thrills like the StarFlyer.

The ride runs for between 3-4 minutes and varies slightly because when the ride cycle finishes, before you are unloaded, the ride will bring you back to the starting position so that you get off exactly where you started in case you have stored something beside where you were seated.

Fun Fact

The Orlando StarFlyer’s top decoration was designed on a napkin in Austria by the Funtime owner and the designer of the Red Bull logo.

Watch the fun and excitement of the StarFlyer from our outdoor courtyard

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